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May 11, 2012


The domain name was sold via the Tobby Clements newsletter, for an astounding $120,000 dollars. had been listed for $150,000 dollars.

It’s one of the largest three letter .com domain sales ever, and it was acquired by a person whose first name is  – you guessed it – Leo 🙂 currently forwards to where it hosts the owner’s personal blog.


Leo Radvinsky is a Glenview, IL resident who owns among other adult domains, and has once noted that the online adult cam business is doing well, due to the live interaction element of cam sites, which cannot be ‘pirated’ – unlike static adult content.


But there is more info under the rug that we managed to uncover about the sale of 😀


Korea-based Apl Domains held the domain for years, until early April of this year, when seasoned domain investor, Andy Booth bought it for a little over $50,000.


Andy held the domain for literally days, before flipping it for a small chunk to Canadian domain investor, Robert Kalfayan.


So how much did Robert net, after holding the domain for just one month?


Based on the amount of the sale, commissions to the Toby Clements brokering services were probably between $20k to $25k, so the net profit was probably $35,000 to $40,000.


We aren’t sure if the former Korean owner is sober at this point, after reading that was sold for $120,000 😀


Meanwhile, everyone who has socialized with domainer Andy Booth knows his great character and positive demeanor; even with this quick flip, Andy does not feel short-changed.


He relayed to us the following:

“Robert deserves it. Hats off to him… Sometimes it pays to take a gamble and sometimes experience doesn’t count for much. You never know when someone will pay the big bucks! It was obviously a vanity thing for the buyer, so they’re tougher to foresee. You got to give credit where it’s due; Rob’s on the moon right about now; no point dwelling on what could have been!”


Congratulations to everyone involved in this sale and particularly to Andy Booth for giving us the juicy details.

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